#SaveTheWaterfronts - Forced Eviction of Otodo Gbame Against Court Orders [VIDEO]

Despite subsisting court orders from the Lagos State High Court ordering the Government from refraining to cary out any demolitions in Lagos waterfront communities, Otodo Gbame, a historical Egun fishing settlement located on the shores of the Lagos Lagoon in Lekki Phase 1, was repeatedly forcibly evicted by the Lagos State Government and the Nigerian Police Force in November 2016, March 2017, and April 2017.

#SaveTheWaterfronts - Spotlight on Voting among Lagos Waterfront Residents [VIDEO]

Every four years, Lagos waterfront communities such as Otodo Gbame, a predominantly Egun fishing settlement in Lekki, come out to vote en masse for the candidates and parties of their choosing. Now the Lagos waterfronts are under threat by the same Government these residents helped to vote into office. Learn more in this video.

Badia East Message to World Bank Inspection Panel [VIDEO]

On February 23, 2013 the Lagos State Government forcibly evicted approximately 9,000 residents of the Badia East slum. The community was an intended beneficiary of a World Bank ($200 million) funded slum upgrading project. Instead of development, the community received bulldozers at 7am one morning, without any advance notice whatsoever. Since then, the evictees of Badia East have asked the World Bank Inspection Panel to investigate their forced eviction, as it in no way fulfills the Bank's own requirements on resettlement of persons affected by Bank-funded projects.