JEI trains, monitors, and supports networks of individuals providing community-based paralegal services in rural and urban poor communities in Nigeria. Through the paralegal network and more broadly, JEI supports movement-building and inter-community solidarity within and between poor and marginalized communities. When necessary, JEI undertakes strategic advocacy or litigation to backstop the work of paralegals and the activities of the broader community-based movement. 

Recognizing the power of locally generated information, JEI supports community-level documentation and data collection as a foundation for all of its activities. Moreover, because complex problems require multi-dimensional responses, JEI undertakes strategic collaboration with other organizations to leverage strengths and ensure lasting impact.

advocacy spotlight: Otto Ilogbo under seige

Since April 2014, the Otto Ilogbo community in Lagos, Nigeria, has been sacked by fire and violence that has chased hundreds of innocent residents from their homes. A human rights defender from Otto Ilogbo, Agbodemu Musbau Ishola, has been targeted by a powerful family that sees him as a stumbling block to their taking over Otto Ilogbo. >> read Otto Ilogbo's complaint to the National Human Rights Commission

Watch the video and sign a petition to urge action to save Otto Ilogbo