JEI trains, monitors, and supports networks of individuals providing community-based paralegal services in rural and urban poor communities in Nigeria. Through the paralegal network and more broadly, JEI supports movement-building and inter-community solidarity within and between poor and marginalized communities. When necessary, JEI undertakes strategic advocacy or litigation to backstop the work of paralegals and the activities of the broader community-based movement. 

Recognizing the power of locally generated information, JEI supports community-level documentation and data collection as a foundation for all of its activities. Moreover, because complex problems require multi-dimensional responses, JEI undertakes strategic collaboration with other organizations to leverage strengths and ensure lasting impact.

latest press releases:

Communities & Civil Society Partners Condemn Forced Evictions at Eagle Island and Decry Threat of Further Evictions Looming Over 60,000 in 17 Communities in Port Harcourt, Nigeria (19 July 2016, Port Harcourt, Nigeria) (joint press statement with the Nigerian Slum/Informal Settlement Federation and Nigerian CSOs)

Nigerian Slum / Informal Settlement Federation Condemns Crackdown on Street-Trading in Lagos (16 July 2016, Lagos, Nigeria)

Joint Position of Women and Grassroots Groups at African Regional Meeting toward the Habitat III Agenda (24 February 2015, Abuja, Nigeria) (joint statement read by Shack/Slum Dwellers International (SDI), Huairou Commission, and WIEGO delegations)

Call for Frivolous Charges to be Dropped against Community Advocate (24 February 2015, Lagos, Nigeria)

Joint Communique against Forced Evictions Affecting the Urban Poor (22 October 2015, Accra, Ghana) (joint communique issued by federations of the urban poor and supporting NGOs from across West Africa) (voici la version française du Communiqué Conjoint)

Thousands of Evictees Suffer Homelessness & Loss of Livelihood After Ijora Badia Forced Evictions (28 September 2015, Lagos, Nigeria) (joint statement with a group of Nigerian civil society)

Badia East: Thousands of People Forcibly Evicted from Their Homes, Thousands More at Risk (18 September 2015, Lagos, Nigeria) (joint statement with Amnesty International & the Nigerian Slum/Informal Settlement Federation)

Pre-Election Press Release: Calling for Pro-Poor Urban Governance (26 March 2015, Lagos, Nigeria)

World Human Rights Day: Lagos Slumdweller Federation Calls for Security of Tenure to Achieve "Human Rights 365" in Lagos (13 December 2014, Lagos, Nigeria)

Voices from the Slums: Lagos Communities Cry Out for Security of Tenure (13 October 2014, Lagos, Nigeria)

Forced Eviction and Land Grab-Affected Communities in Rivers State Prepare for National Human Rights Commission Sitting Promised for November 2014 (7 October 2014, Port Harcourt, Nigeria) 

NEW VIDEO! Residents of Lagos slums negatively impacted by World Bank-financed projects join together to make their voices heard in the consultation process to review the World Bank Environmental & Social Framework (ESF) (a.k.a. the Safeguard Policies).

Badia evictees still homeless 6 months after the forced eviction of 18, 19, 22 September 2015. See videos below and press release for more information.